Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Sariayu Intensive Acne Care

Allohhaaa sistaa....
Everyone in Indonesia must know about Sariayu from Martha Tilaar, its a famous brand & yes its really cheap!! This intensive acne care i bought about Rp 12.000 ($1,5)

As you can see the warning : it contains menthol & camphor
Oooouugghhtt yes, when you apply it into your acne, oh my god it feel like thousand ice needle dig your acne. My brother doesnt like to this effect, so do i. But maybe some people like it. How about the acne? it doesnt work to me and my brother, the acnes still red & big althought i use it for 5 days. I dont know maybe i just use this, but not the whole series of the acne care, because its written on the box, for the best result use the sariayu mask acne too.

Repurchase ; Sorry, No !

2 komentar :

  1. make ini jaman SMA dulu mbak ty, asli nggak beli lagi ha ha ha...sekali pake panas di muka dan malah jadi gosong huhuhu padahal sma sepupuku berhasil dengan baik. Memang kalau pakai produk SA ini panas di kulit aku :(

    1. iya di aku bukan panas tapi kya ditusuk tusuk gtu jerawatnya... gag ampuuh pula, enak dong sepupu km yg cocok pake ini, murah eeuy harganya..


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