Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Nyx Round Lipstick in Honey

I wanna try some nude colour, then i heard that nyx lipstick is good. Nyx lipstick has many variant colour, so i decided to buy the honey series.
Price :
I bought it online for Rp 37.000 ($ 4)
Packaging :
Cute black chic packaging
I really like the bottom side, you can see the real colour of your lipstick
Colour :
Its really nude or for me its too pale. However i still like the colour. Gives you rich colour, quite pigmented.
Staying power :
My lips are easy to dry, this lipstick just last 2 hour in my lips, but i dont mind to reapply it
Formula :
It gives you satin finished look and greasy too. I think its greasy because its contains bees wax. Am i right ? hehee...


With IRA
(photo took outdoor)
 Good things ;
1. Cheap
2. Cute packaging
3. Like the greasy look
4. Rich colour

Bad thing :
1. Staying power just 2 hour
2. The longer i used it, it makes my lips dry
3. The lipstick is easy to broken
4. The smell like plastic

Repurchase ? Maybe...

This is my honest opinion. I am not not paid to do this review. I bought it with my own money and i am not Affiliated with any company. But I do received your product and ask me to review the product

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