Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Sariayu Intensive Acne Care

Allohhaaa sistaa....
Everyone in Indonesia must know about Sariayu from Martha Tilaar, its a famous brand & yes its really cheap!! This intensive acne care i bought about Rp 12.000 ($1,5)

As you can see the warning : it contains menthol & camphor
Oooouugghhtt yes, when you apply it into your acne, oh my god it feel like thousand ice needle dig your acne. My brother doesnt like to this effect, so do i. But maybe some people like it. How about the acne? it doesnt work to me and my brother, the acnes still red & big althought i use it for 5 days. I dont know maybe i just use this, but not the whole series of the acne care, because its written on the box, for the best result use the sariayu mask acne too.

Repurchase ; Sorry, No !

Carex Hand Gel

Hai girls...
Does anyone like to use hand gel? Cos i do... Its clean your hand fastly without water and easy to dry too. One of my favorite is carex hand gel. I usually use this before i do my make up or if i eat with my hands and although i wash my hand with water and the smell still on it, i use it, the smell is good too. Here it is :

Why carex? because it contains alcohol 78%. I know,Bacteria effectivly die in 70% and i think from this bottle,it can be used a long time so maybe 78 % can be 70% that still effective kill bacteria.

This bottle use a pump & i like it because it can keep the hygiene

Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in Icy Nude

Hey sistaaaa....!!!
Now i'm gonna review nude colour again, this time is from revlon
its Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in Icy Nude
The Packaging is elegant, black colour with the same motif with the lip butter. On the top, there's a true colour of the lipstick, i like it !
I bought it about Rp 56.000 ($6), yeah i got discount price, hehhe...

For the colour, its nude, like you wear nothing but just glittery. Here's the swatch on my hand :

Indoor, wihout flash

Indoor, with flash

I'm wearing the lipstick

Too much glitter

The good things :
1. Elegant packaging
2.Light lipstick

The bad things :
1. Make my lips dry
2. Too much glitter

Repurchase? Maybe

Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Nyx Round Lipstick in Honey

I wanna try some nude colour, then i heard that nyx lipstick is good. Nyx lipstick has many variant colour, so i decided to buy the honey series.
Price :
I bought it online for Rp 37.000 ($ 4)
Packaging :
Cute black chic packaging
I really like the bottom side, you can see the real colour of your lipstick
Colour :
Its really nude or for me its too pale. However i still like the colour. Gives you rich colour, quite pigmented.
Staying power :
My lips are easy to dry, this lipstick just last 2 hour in my lips, but i dont mind to reapply it
Formula :
It gives you satin finished look and greasy too. I think its greasy because its contains bees wax. Am i right ? hehee...


With IRA
(photo took outdoor)
 Good things ;
1. Cheap
2. Cute packaging
3. Like the greasy look
4. Rich colour

Bad thing :
1. Staying power just 2 hour
2. The longer i used it, it makes my lips dry
3. The lipstick is easy to broken
4. The smell like plastic

Repurchase ? Maybe...

This is my honest opinion. I am not not paid to do this review. I bought it with my own money and i am not Affiliated with any company. But I do received your product and ask me to review the product

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

Color Burst Lip Butter by Revlon is a buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated. Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%. Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smoothSheer to medium color with buttery shine

Its not a lipstick, its lip butter girls. Lip butter? I think its like lip balm married the lipstick, hehhee...
There are 20 variant of colour:

Peach Parfait, Red Velvet, Lollipop, Pink Truffle, Sugar Frosting, Raspberry Pie, Tutti Fruitti, Brown Sugar, Fig Jam, Candy Apple, Cotton Candy, Berry Smoothie, Cupcake, Gumdrop, Creamsicle, Cherry Tart, Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Plum, Sweet Tart & Creme Brulee

This lipbutter is amazing ! I'm looking for the bright & wearable pink and orange colour. I wanna get sweet tart & tutti frutti, but unfortnately the stock for tutti frutti is empty in that store. So i just bought sweet tart. Its cute packaging. The packaging colour is the true colour of the product. For the price : Rp. 75.000 ($8)

Took by instagram

Indoor, without flash

Indoor with flash

The swatches
The right is two times swipes, the left one is one swipe
Its really rich colour for  lipbalm, very pigmented

Outdoor (i use 2 swipe)
Indoor ( i use 2 swipe)

My lips are very easy to dry, but with this, its not !! yeess, its really hydrating! One swipe can last for 2 hours, i usually use 2-3 swipe that can last up to 6 hour without the chapped lips. I wanna buy more colour.

The good thing :
1. Very Hydrating
2. Cute colour
3. Cute packaging

The bad thing :

Repurchase : Yes, with more variant colour

Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

What I wore at BC Wardah

I wore green stripes maxi dress and white shirt inside.

green dress

Green tie dye pashmina, white inner ninja, soft green lace inner and beautiful flower brooch

Ninja & Lace inner

flower brooch

Its all bling-bling, hehhe...


High heels in 12 cm

I love the motif

Make Up (Before BC)
Face : 
Biokos Claryfying Lotion
PAC two way cake
Mirabella ayeshadow
Revlon mascara
Giordani eyebrow
Lips :
Revlon lip butter in sweet tart

Make up (After BC)

With Indah
Face :
Wardah Suncreen
Wardah Liquid foundation 
Wardah Compact Powder
Wardah Blush on
Wardah Eyeshadow
Wardah eyebrow
Giordani eyebrow
Revlon mascara
Wardah exclusive lipstick in peach brown

Wardah Beauty Class at Bekasi

Hmmm.... this is my first Beauty Class. I'm a little nervous because i went to this event alone, yes alone... My friends cannot join me,hiks... It held on Saturday, 19th May 2012 in Horison Hotel Bekasi. The price is Rp 100.000 ($10) I woke up late, so im in hurry to my make up, hehhee.. Here it is my look at the morning : Its all about green green green.

For overall the event is so0o plain or maybe i just expect too much for this event. I thought maybe there's music, photo booth, discussion and the ambassador brand ( Mrs. Inneke ). When first time i walk in the room, hey no music? its so quite... The show delay for 1 hour, why ? because most of the participants come late. I look around the room, ooohh there's no Mrs. Inneke. Hhhmmppffhh....

Lets began to the show...
Each round table has 8 chairs which everyone has a little mirror, some brushes,and sponges. Ooh there's  2 make up pallete and a little container contains cleansing milk and sunscreen, these item we must share to each person in round table. When i see the brushes, its all dirty, and the sponge is dirty too. I must clean them first with some tissue. I forget to take a picture the brushes. Actually, i love this little brushes, except its dirty, hahhaaa. But this is the pallete :

On the right top corner, there's are lipstick. The eyeshadows are below the lipsticks. On the left top corner, its double function kit (eye shadow base, concealer) and the blushes below it. On the left bottom, which are the two darkest colour is for countour, 4 on the top are foundation and below are compact powder. As you know i really love the eyeshadow of wardah.


Swatch eye shadow in black

* Session 1 : Make Up
First, we have to clean all our make up and yes, take off our hijab. This make up class is guided by make up artist wardah. I just know, there's correct motion to apply cleansing milk and suncreen, hehhee. But unfortunately, she is soo fast to give the explanation. Plus, the lighting is bad here. Overall i enjoy this session.

*Session 2 : Hijab Style
We got 3 style...

                                                                           Style 1
using paris cotton

with new friend

Style : 2
Turban style

                                                                        Style : 3

Its a wrap, ladieess.... We got voucher Rp 75.000 and there's also wardah booth and yeah i add Rp 20.000  but unfortunately the booth is not complete, then i go to matahari dep. store to buy the double function kit, hhehe...

These are what i bought with the voucher, except the double function kit:
1. Eau de toilette in shine
2. Exclusive lipstick in chestnut
3. Lipgloss in white

I got these book when i bought double function kit at matahari dept store

Hijab session

Hijab session

Hijab session

Lunch time

At home or about 5 hours after did the make up

 Overall Thank you Wardah... I got new friends, new trick, new experience and new hijab style....

*This is my honest opinion. I am not not paid to do this review. I bought it with my own money and i am not Affiliated with any company. But I received your product and ask me to review the product*

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