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Wardah Beauty Class at Bekasi

Hmmm.... this is my first Beauty Class. I'm a little nervous because i went to this event alone, yes alone... My friends cannot join me,hiks... It held on Saturday, 19th May 2012 in Horison Hotel Bekasi. The price is Rp 100.000 ($10) I woke up late, so im in hurry to my make up, hehhee.. Here it is my look at the morning : Its all about green green green.

For overall the event is so0o plain or maybe i just expect too much for this event. I thought maybe there's music, photo booth, discussion and the ambassador brand ( Mrs. Inneke ). When first time i walk in the room, hey no music? its so quite... The show delay for 1 hour, why ? because most of the participants come late. I look around the room, ooohh there's no Mrs. Inneke. Hhhmmppffhh....

Lets began to the show...
Each round table has 8 chairs which everyone has a little mirror, some brushes,and sponges. Ooh there's  2 make up pallete and a little container contains cleansing milk and sunscreen, these item we must share to each person in round table. When i see the brushes, its all dirty, and the sponge is dirty too. I must clean them first with some tissue. I forget to take a picture the brushes. Actually, i love this little brushes, except its dirty, hahhaaa. But this is the pallete :

On the right top corner, there's are lipstick. The eyeshadows are below the lipsticks. On the left top corner, its double function kit (eye shadow base, concealer) and the blushes below it. On the left bottom, which are the two darkest colour is for countour, 4 on the top are foundation and below are compact powder. As you know i really love the eyeshadow of wardah.


Swatch eye shadow in black

* Session 1 : Make Up
First, we have to clean all our make up and yes, take off our hijab. This make up class is guided by make up artist wardah. I just know, there's correct motion to apply cleansing milk and suncreen, hehhee. But unfortunately, she is soo fast to give the explanation. Plus, the lighting is bad here. Overall i enjoy this session.

*Session 2 : Hijab Style
We got 3 style...

                                                                           Style 1
using paris cotton

with new friend

Style : 2
Turban style

                                                                        Style : 3

Its a wrap, ladieess.... We got voucher Rp 75.000 and there's also wardah booth and yeah i add Rp 20.000  but unfortunately the booth is not complete, then i go to matahari dep. store to buy the double function kit, hhehe...

These are what i bought with the voucher, except the double function kit:
1. Eau de toilette in shine
2. Exclusive lipstick in chestnut
3. Lipgloss in white

I got these book when i bought double function kit at matahari dept store

Hijab session

Hijab session

Hijab session

Lunch time

At home or about 5 hours after did the make up

 Overall Thank you Wardah... I got new friends, new trick, new experience and new hijab style....

*This is my honest opinion. I am not not paid to do this review. I bought it with my own money and i am not Affiliated with any company. But I received your product and ask me to review the product*

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