Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Review La Tulipe Blush On

Hai everyone!! Now i want to review my blush on from La Tulipe. La Tulipe is a local brand from Indonesia. For the price, its cheap ! i forget, its about Rp30.000 ($ 3)

Blush On
include little brush

Its number 07, no name on it. I lost the plastic paper separator,thats why its a little dirty around the mirror, hehhee... its peach colour which the right side is darker. Its a little sparkling with gold shimmery. i like it.

I just swatch one time, and get that colour, its pigmented..

Its a really bad brush.. its small and rough. I have large pores, after i get flawless (all the large pores dissapear )skin with my PAC two way cake , and when i apply blush on with this brush, oohhh my god ! my big pores come again! it sweep the foundie...

The Good things :
1. Cheap
2. Pigmented

The Bad Thing :
1. Bad Brush

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