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Review Wardah Eyes Shadow

Wardah is a local brand from Indonesia. It claims that the product is Halal. im very happy to that. Not much cosmetic product has halal label on it. Now i will review my eyes shadow from wardah.

Wardah Eyes Shadow
i dont know whats name of this series. There is "Wardah" label at the bottom (on the silver path), but it lost in mine, hehhee....

include mirror and applicator
Its small packaging and has a little mirror. This little mirror is very good idea, cos its eyes shadow product so you will see only your eyes with this mirror so you can  focus only on your eyes. It has plastic paper to separate the product and the mirror.
The Swatches on my finger
The colours are quite pigmented. Its silver-silver to blue-blue.I do two times swathces to build that colour. This photo i took in 'indoor mode' without flash. For staying power,its  very good. Its still good after 6 hours. If you are muslim, after you do wudhu, its still on your eyes, only missing about 50% of the product.


For the applicator, i like it. You can see the right side is smaller and sharp pointed than the left one. I usually use the right side to apply the product on my corner eye.

I'm wearing the silver to blue color

Blue colour on top, silver to blue colour on the bottom and silver one on my corner

Good Things :
1. Halal
2. Its free parabens
3. Has little mirror
4. Useful applicator to apply on corner eye
5. Good staying power even for 6 hours and after wudhu (washed face with only water)
6. Quite pigmented

Bad Thing :
1. I dont know what happen to the formula. Only the silver to blue colour is very easily broken even i never drop this product.

Repurchase ? Of Course yess!

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