Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012

Etude AC Clinic

During the examination, my face had some acnes.. Ooohhh,,!! I put sariayu acne care, but it didnt help, so after googling and read many reviews, i decided to buy this product...
This is AC Clinic Intense Travel Kit from Etude House, brand from Korea.

Packaging : handly travelling, i can use the bag to put toilettries product when go travelling, its from plastic

i cant read korean language

But poorly i forgot to take the detail of each product *slapped
So i got this pic from ebay (only this pic), just to explain whats inside the bag

Product :
I bought it about $8 or IDR 82.000 and you get 6 items in mini size..
1. Facial wash - It smells like herbal scent but not very strong. after use it,just a lil bit fresh effet that i got. Nothing special with this
2. Gel lotion - a transparant gel no colour. Like the name, gel lotion, its not very thick like gel but a lil bit watery like lotion... Euh, do u get what i mean? The gel lotion is not quick when absorb to your skin. So dont put it too much.
3. Toner - fresh toner.
4. Pink Powder Water - i use it 2x a day, at day and night. Don't shake the bottle. The powder will sink in the bottom and there's a layer of water on it. Dip the cotton stick into the bottom to get some powder and apply to the acne.
5. Pink Powder Spot - i use it at night and sleep with it. Same like the pink powder water, dont shake the bottle and apply just like it.
6. Cotton Sticks

so the sequence were :
Day : facial wash - toner - gel lotion - pink powder water
Night : facial wash - toner - pink powder water - pink powder spot

This is my experience using this product, NO EDIT AT ALL !

You can see there's 2 acne above my chin. The acne which under my lips (acne 1)  is bigger than the one, but this acne is newer than the one which has the eye or acne 2 (but its too little ) and some little acne-wanna be between them

At this day, the acne which under my lips is bigger than yesterday and the eyes come out. The other one has no eye anymore. Now you can see the acne-wanna be between the acne 1 & 2, they get bigger.

Okay, i took this pic after i washed my face and when i washed it the eye of the acne 1 has 'pop out'. It really scare to see it, like the volcano eurupted
the acne 2 smaller than yesterday and the acne-wanna be between them dissaper
But there's another new acne-wanna be, heeuuyy !!

At this day, the hole in the acne 1 was smaller, the acne 2 faded  out and no more acne-wanna be between them

At day 5, acne 1 was smooth now and began to fade out but the acne 2 appear again ? look at the eye of the acne, i thougt maybe at day 1 the eye of this acne was really small so it appear again?

At this day 6, acne 1 became smoother and faded out. Acne 2 did'nt have the eye again and started to fade out

At this day, no change with acne 1, but at acne 2, the eye of the acne appear again? whats up yooo??

(+) Positif
1. Fast result for acne 1
2. Like the herbal scent in facial wash
3. The pink powder watery can use at day

(-) Negative
1. Only work good with the acne which has the eye
2. The blemishes still there
3. Its not easy to get this product, i must PO at online shop
4. Oooh, about the oil control, after 3 hours the oil start to come ( i have an oily face)

Thats my experience with this product, Hope you like my post....


NYX Tinted Lip Spa

Hai sista....
Long time no post euughh,.. Im so sorry because i was very busy at the office and my college...
So today im gonna review about nyx tinted lip spa in sake which i get this product not usual as i bougth it! I join stella lee's event for charity... So if you as beauty blogger must have a huge cosmetics, sometimes you rarely wear them or maybe dislike several of them.. Just clean your closet girl, you can sell or give them to stella lee then she promote your product in her blog.. All money from selling the product will give for charity.. Even most of the product are preloved but still in good condition because they came from beauty blogger and yes it must be original not fake product thats why the price is sooo cheap.. So i participate this event as a buyer, not only bought cheap product but i also help the charity right?  I bought this nyx tinted lip spa only $2,5 ! And it only used several times before.. Here it is the product :
Well, if you ever tried round lipstick by nyx so yes it's similar like this.. But the smell is really strong i think its like mint, but i check the ingredient there's no mint there, so i dont know it comes from what ingredient... But it cause stingy-effect a lil bit for 1 minutes, after that it comes normal..
For the colour strenght, i used it 3 layers at the pic and the colours stay about 3 hours but the gloss still pretty on my lips
I like to re-apply this, it gives best moisture for my lips..

Jumat, 02 November 2012

1st IBB Make Up Challenge

Haiii sexy.....

Untuk pertama kalinya IBB mengadakan make up challege dengan tema "Enchanting Fairy". Hmmm.... temanya seru dan ada hadiahnya pula. Niat mau ikut kompetisi, malam - malam begitu tau info challenge, langsung googling cari - cari referensi make up ala fairy. Ok, nemu banyaak dan beberapa yang saya suka, namun tak bisa diaplikasikan. Mengapa ?? Berhubung saya masih newbie dalam make up bertema, belum banyak punya make up jadi yaaahhh ga bisa nyontek daahh....

Tiba - tiba muncullah ide.... Hayooo apaaa... Penasaran ? 
Warning ! Akan terdapat banyak foto pada post kali ini...

naked face

Liquid foundation dari PAC,diaplikasikan menggunakan Elf Stipple Brush

Two way cake PAC

Senjata buat make up daerah mata

This is it Fairy Make up Ala LadyTy

Good Fairy & Bad Fairy

Saya suka kedua make up ini, seperti memiliki sisi baik dan sisi jahat

Peralatan yang saya gunakan :
1. Elf beauty book in cool collection
2. Mirabella Eyeshadow
3. Wardah Eyeshadow
4. Wardah Eye Primer
5. Wardah exclusive lipstick in chestnut
6. PAC liquid foundation
7. PAC two way cake
8. Elf stipple brush
9. Oriflame Eye brush
10. Revlon Creme Gel Eyeliner in carbon

So, ini pertama kalinya saya berdandan seperti ini, so far i like it !...

Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

Elf Blush Candid Coral

Hai sista...
Now i will review brand from Elf . Because it doesnt come in indonesia so i must buy online. Its more expensinve when come in indonesia. This studio line blush in UK is $3 but i bought it about $6. Wow double price!!
Elf is known because of the dupes of high end brand like this blush. It known because yes it dupes of Nars orgasm blush.

So my blush is in candid coral. The colours is soft peach with gold sparkle. Just one tap and thats enough to make your cheek look fresh..

Love ya,


Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Multi Function Eyeliner

Haaaiii sexy....

Last time i dont really like my veryme eyeliner. But this time i try to use my eyeliner to do this make over. 

gold - dark brown

So can you guess i use this eyeliner in which part ?
Actually i use it for :
  1. Eyeliner on my eyes  -- dark brown on top and gold on down
  2. Contouring my nose -- dark brown on the side and gold on the center
  3. Lip liner -- gold
  4. Lipstick -- gold

  So what do you think sis ? Do you like it ??

Bonus : my outfit


Oriflame Very Me Eye Pencil Double Trouble in Mocha Locha

Haiiii sistaaaa.....

Do you know about Oriflame Brand ? Anyone ?
Oriflame is brand from sweden, its motto is Natural Swedish Cosmetics. They claimed their cosmetics are made by natural ingredients. Oriflame is MLM (Multi level  marketing). So they dont have online or offline store, if we want to buy their product we can buy from their consultant (legal reseller). Oriflame is just a store which has several brands inside it like giordani, veryme and oriflame itself. Whats product sell in oriflame ? it sells skin care, cosmetics, parfume and make up tools. Ooohh im not their consultant so this review is my honest opinion.

No i wanna review Very Me brand which dedicated to teenagers. This is Very me double trouble shade Mocca Locca.

Swatches on my hand
The colour is dark brown and gold shimmery

For the price is about 35.000 IDR ( if i dont wrong remember cos actually my mom bought it). I love the colour but its not a good eyeliner. Its not waterproof & smudge easily. Repurchase ? No

What i like :
1. The gold colour is gorgeous
2. Cheap

What i hate :
1. Its not easy to get this product because we must buy from its consultant
2. Smudge easily
3. Not waterproof
4. The material is easy to broke

Minggu, 30 September 2012

Lervia Body Soap

Because of its a local brand & only in indonesia, so i wanna review use bahasa indonesia....

Ada yang tau sabun Lervia ?? Lervia itu sabun mandi yang mengandung susu, terdapat dua jenis yaitu padat dan cair. Untuk bentuk batangan (padat) hanya ada yang original sedangkan untuk yang cair ada yang diberi tambahan madu dan ada juga yang sari mawar.

Sabun batangan

*lupa foto cover depan, eeeee dah kebuang itu kardusnya... haadeehh....

Liat2 ingrediennya, lhaaa ini tak mengandung paraben boo... Murah pula ga nyampe 5rb (harga pastinya lupa, hehhe). Sabun ini wangi banget, enak dah wanginya nempel pula di kulit. Pokoknya klu abis mandi pake sabun ini, kamar mandi langsung semerbak harum, eeh badan kita juga pastinya dunk yaaa.... Jadi betah sabunan lama2 di kamar mandi. Kekurangannya ini sabun cepet tipis alias abis..

sabun cair

sebelah kiri madu, kanan susu

no paraben

ada 2 lubang
Untuk kemasan cair, sabun ini unik. Karena antara madu dan susu dipisah, kemudian memiliki lubang yang berbeda jadi kita bisa sesuaikan selera mau banyakan pake susunya atau madunya. Busanya juga lembut dan wangi. Waaahh seneng banged deh ma ini sabun. Untuk harga, sekitar 15rb, murah yaa ciiinnn....

Hayooo buruan tengok alfa ato indo coba mandi susu ala lervia, hehhee
*tinggal yang seri mawar yang lum coba


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