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Ossoul Argan Face Cleanser, Double cleansing in one way !

Hellooooo girls… We all know that cleansing oil can clean your makeup very well. But after that we usually clean our face again with face cleanser to remove all the oil that maybe left behind. So we do double cleansing, right? Today I wanna share with you a product that contains oil cleanser + foam cleanser. I mean you don’t have to double work, it’s in one way. It’s Ossoul Argan Face Cleanser.

As we know argan oil is very good for the skin. Argan is very common in Morocco. You know, argan tree is only live in Morocco? People here using Argan not only for face but many of things such as shampoo, hand body, soap even for food. So when my face wash from TFS is empty, I wanna try local brand here and of course contain the famous Argan.

Ossoul Brand

This brand actually has a lot of range from skincare to food. But I will talk about skincare only. Most of the skincare line in Ossoul is argan-based. I have 3 product of Ossoul now but the first product I buy (and then start in love with this brand) is their face cleanser.


I really like the pump packaging. It’s more hygienic, easy, quick and just pump pump pump ! The size is 200 ml. I don’t see another size but I hope they come with another little size and travel friendly specially for air flight. Maybe under 100 ml so I can bring it to Indonesia. Somehow I just want to share it to my friends in Indonesia, they must try what I found here. I bet they must like it too.


The first thing that make me really curious is not only ‘Argan’ clearly written but see the sentences below. “ 100 % Free of Sulfate, Parabens, Colorant, Silicone, Alcohol, Phosphates & Mineral Oil “ . Basicly that’s what you must avoid if you have sensitive skin. Rather than write it suitable for Sensitive skin, Ossoul clearly write the Non-ingredients there. Making this product worth to try. Oooh you must avoid eye area with it.


It’s an oil. A clear non-colour oil. The smell is unique, I think it’s from argan. The oil is not so sticky and so light.

How to use
I never think it’s a face oil cleanser. It’s just written as face cleanser so I just assumption is just like another usual face wash that contains argan. First time I bit confuse, as I know as face oil, I use it on dry face then massage and rinse with water. But this ossoul when you massage the oil on your dry face, it’s turn out to foam. Another day I try it on my wet face. It’s okay but not a lot of foam produced compare to if I use it on dry face. So I ask the Ossoul from their fanpage, how to apply this cleanser properly. They reply that it’s use on dry face, massage then rinse with water.

Foundation + blush tint
Still has residue

Amazing ! I am really fall in love with it since the first time using. Actually a little bit shocked because I never felt like this before. My skin become so flawless, so smooth even like the pores disappear. My skin is like silk cloth or like a porcelaine. What happened to my skin? I’m literally wanna cry touch my super ultra soft face.

the pores less visible

But it’s not really great for removing makeup. I still have some residue on my face. Another downside of this product is, I must rinse with a lot of water. It’s because the oil still hang there on my skin. So sometimes I rinse with luke warm water then cold water. But after you rinse it cleanly, your face is so fresh and not sticky at all. If you get sticky, there might be you don’t rinse well, repeat rinse with water.

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