Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Ossoul Argan Face Cream

Hey girls…

Since I’m in  Morocco, the city where argan origin from so I wanna try a skincare based on argan. On my previous post I really like the Argan Face Cleanser and now I try the face cream too. Is it good ? Well lets see…

Packaging :

Bulky jar which is contain great amount of product. It’s 200 ml. This jar will empty in several years maybe. This packaging is not travel friendly cause it’s too big. Maybe Osssoul should make a travel size. Honestly, my first sight with this is not a face cream but body lotion packaging. I’m so sorry Ossoul but it’s true. The fact that you just swivel the cap and dab your finger into the jar can cause contamination. So make sure your hand is clean when you take the cream.

Ingredients :

Same with the face cleanser, this cream is 100 % free of sulfate, parabens, colorants, silicone, alcohol & phospates. 

Formula :
It’s white lotion with thick consistency. It has soft smell. The absorption is not fast. But you can massage the face while using this cream. After it all absorp completely to your skin, it gives matte finish look.

Result :
You can feel your skin becomes more moist even at the first time using it. It really helps me to combat my crack skin due the dryness. After about 6 hours than my skin became oily (on my oeriod time) but if I do shalat so this cream still all day.

Even I have oily skin but I try this cream on autumn so my skin condition is dry. I don’t know if I use it on summer it will give the same result or not.

After 1 month using it, my skin becomes more moist but only when I applied it. If I am too lazy to wear it after do subuh pray, hmm my skin will crack again. Also it cannot help for acne. So this cream just good to fix the crack skin. Because I need more than just give moist ( I have acne prone skin and a lot of blemishes too), I let go this cream.

Nowadays, I use this cream to my body and it works really well to make my skin moist even in the winter.

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