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Babaria Olive Oil Anti Wrinkle Night Cream

Hello girls !

I’m still searching moisturizer that suits my oily-but-now-become-dry skin. Since my skin is quite sensitive & acne prone, its very difficult to find the best one on the market. I must be very selective to try new item,specially drugstore items. This time I wanna give a try with this natural skincare from Spain, its Babaria ! This cream make me curious because its written on the box, dermatologically tested & doesn’t contain parabens.

Packaging :

Its unique. I never see such a packaging like this before. You see the white spot in the middle of the cap? First time I think its useless then im wrong. To get the product, you must twist the cap then squeeze the packaging. Product will out through the hole which is from that the white spot. Hahahaha… But actually I don’t like the packaging like this. Since the packaging is in tube mode which is always stand at your storage, the white spot is always on the bottom and not cover with anything again at all. When you wanna get your product, the white spot will suck into the hole that means can contaminate the product inside the tube. So you must always place the tube into the box.

Texture :
Thick and has soft fragrance in it. It absorbs into the skin quickly and leave the matte finish on the skin. It’s very light on my skin.

It really gives moisture to my skin. After a week I can feel my skin more supple a little bit. Then suddenly I realize one stupid things ever ! When I try to get some pics of this product,then I just see on the box. Its NIGHT face cream. I always use it as my day cream. Hahahahaha…..

Although I use it as day cream, sometimes I wear it to go out too with some makeup, its not greasy at all. For at least 4 hours then my T-Zone becomes little bit oily. But its really make me happy. For all entire life I have oily skin then suddenly your face turn out so dry, I miss some oily shines at my face. Yess I have it again, hihihih….

Then I tried this cream as it should be, as a night cream. When I wake up at the morning, it helps to reduce my red spot cause of acne. But this cream cannot heal & prevent the acnes. Its only give moisture to my skin. For anti wrinkle, I don’t see the result of this cream. After 2 months using it, I let go this cream. I need something that can give moisture to my dry skin and also heal & prevent my acne.

Ingredients :

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