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Hiding blemishes without concealer

Helloowwww sexy.....

I dont have flawless face, i got a lot of blemishes... When i was at high-school, i got much acnes. I have oily face and its very sensitive. I dont know  make up or skin care at all so i just let them go by theirselves, but its paintful when i washed my face then touched some big  acnes there...

After graduate and work, i went to the doctor and got healing the acnes. But only the acnes, the blemishes still there. So now at the 23th year, i have blemishes, red spots,  some of breakout (my face still oily & sensitive), dry-area in the eye area. But know i try to say hello to make up & skin care.

"Helloooo make up & skin care, can you be my friend ?"

Well, to cover blemishes i know we need concealer. But because i dont have conclear now (honestly, i have but its really bad, i tell u later), i find some product that can give me medium coverage to 'hide' my blemishes. So far, i like it....  Do you want to know whats that guys?

Tatatataata taraaaaaaaa.... *opening sound

Its Indonesian Product : Left : PAC Liquid Foundation
                                           (PAC is original brand from indonesia, dont think its MAC-Fake)
                                   Right : LT Pro dual function (its kind of two way cake product )

Oh yeah, i wanna show you how i use them

First, i'll show you my 'nude face'
Sssstt... all of these photo i took by Sony Xperia P (8 mp) without edit at all !

See the left side is the worst part of blemishes

Then, i use PAC Liquid Foundation. I apply it using my finger. I apply more foundie by tap it several times at red & black spot.

its whiter than my skin-tone

After that apply LT Pro Dual Function. I wet the sponge and tap it. I tap several times at red & black spot.

now what do you think ?

Can you see the transformation clearly ? No ?? Okay.. Lets zoom them !

I show you the transformation of the left side which is the worst part of blemishes
Do i right ? its give medium coverage without any concealer... And its Waterproof ! Yeayyy !!

well i dont know why at the right pic my face turning into warm orange? Or Because of my green hijab make reflection of natural light ? I dont know... But can u see blemishes there? I am not, yeaaahhh....

Hope you like my review dear...
Does Anyone ever try same product like me?

Oh yea, i'll make some post to review that product deeper. To know personally with each product, i need several days. So keep read my blog laaaa...


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  1. Wow! Ngecover bangettt.. Gak pernah kepikiran.. hebat! :D

  2. @ vani : iaaa aq aja amazing ma hasilnya...

  3. nice info, Ive been looking for review for lt pro powder until I fund ur blog


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