Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

Etude House Cleansing Oil Fresh

Heloooo Sista....
I will review a product from etude house. Its Real Art cleansing oi in Freshl.  This cleansing is based on oil. Its good to remove any waterproof product even mascara, it can use all over the face.
I bought only the sample size, its 30ml. The price is about Rp 30.000 ($3)

i dont understand korea language, hehee...
How to use :
Not like facial wash,using the cleansing in wet face, but it use in dry face. So you can massage your face with still your make up on. Massage it gently then rinse with water. Thats it. But for me, still not comfort without use facial wash again. This cleansing oil doesnt create foam, my mind-set is if u wash ur face, the foam make your skin clear, hahhaa...

Swatches of blush on, eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, eyebrow, eyeliner
Swatches of some bb cream

Put the oil on the cotton

Massage massage

rinse with water then all clean !

cleaning the bb cream too

What i like :
1. Multi function, can use to clean all over the face
2. It can clean my revlon mascara, which is hard to clean
3. It doesnt sore my eyes, the formula is so soft

What i hate :
1. The normal size is expensive
2. There is no fresh-effect after use it

repurchase ? Maybe

"This is my honest opinion. I am not not paid to do this review. I bought it with my own money and i am not Affiliated with any company. But I receive your product and ask me to review the product"

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  1. nice post dear :)
    kalau aku seh suka ama kose,hrganya jg boleh di bilang tergolong murah :)
    kalau ini lengket ga dear di kulit selepas dibilasnya?

  2. Oh this product seems nice! I love how you said, the foam makes your face clear hahaha. It is all in the mind.
    Anyway, I am new on IBB too so follow each other yuk! support bloggers! :)
    pls visit my blog:

  3. @emily rooms : berasa kya masih ada minyak, sedikit licin, makanya aku bilas lagi pake facial foam biar keset.Seb ini cleansing oil pertama yg aku coba karna pas ditawarin sample size ma temen.

    @rosdiana : oh hi dear. Request accepted !


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