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Finny Creame Regenerante Barbary Fig Extract

Hello girls !
Im gonna use English in this post because product that I’ll review is Morocco local brand. You can’t find it in Indonesia. But if you still wanna read in Indonesia language, don’t worry just click the translate button !

Back to when im in Indonesia, I have super oily skin with acne prone skin and yes its quite sensitive too. Its very hard to find best skincare to suit my skin. If the products doesn’t fit my skin then my skin became breakout or you can say more acne on my face. But I don’t know why, since I move to Morocco my skin change. Its not oily skin anymore but its like combination, from normal to dry. The only skincare that I still use is Clean & Clear Moisturizer. Its my savior ! It’s the only one moisturizer that fit my skin right now and when its empty, im confused. I search this item again but nothing here. So I must try another moisturizer to help me combat the dry patches on my face. Then when I go to Marjane, I saw this moisturizer.

This line make me curious ! Its natural, paraben free and made from barbary fig extract. Do you know barbary plant? Its like cactus. Its very common in desert and it can keep water in dry area for a long time. Sounds nice, maybe it can hydrate my dry skin. So I give it try to my skin.

Barbary Fig Plant

Price : I forgot but I think its about 30 – 40 DM. Not expensive lha !

Packaging :
Its very simple. Since its cheap product so you can’t expect luxury packaging right? Hehehee… But this is small so it can easily bring with my bag.

Ingredients :

Texture :
White cream with not so strong scent. Its very creamy but lightweight, almost like jelly. If you shake the packaging then the cream will move too. You know what I mean, right ? It takes time to absorp into your skin but after that you feel nothing in your skin.

Result :
It does make my skin hydrate even in the first application. Very lightweight and stay a long day. Its like cover the skin. But unfortunately it doesn’t suit for my face. It makes my acne come again. I think because of the paraffin. I think the paraffin make my face skin can’t breathe so the pores clogged then became acne (that what I think). I can really feel the paraffin so much. When you check the ingredients, the paraffin is in number two in the list. Now it makes sence right?

Then I try to my body skin. Its really work well on my skin. It really hydrate my skin so much, since morning until I take a bath at evening, I still can feel this cream. If you have wudhu, some of the cream is faded but there’s still hang on your skin. After wudhu (muslim do before pray, rinse the hand, face & foot with water) you can feel the cream like melted and become slippery but after dry its lightweight again, like you wear nothing. A long day, I have wudhu for 2 or 3 times, the cream still there on my skin.

It claims as regenerate cream that means it can regenerate your skin. After a week using it, it start to regenerate my skin. I can see some of my dark spot faded and have a new skin.  I told you I have sensitive skin, its not only on my face but entire my body. When I come to Morocco, my journey is almost 30 hours using boots & socks. Because the socks is very tight and its new socks ( I forget to wash it before) then my skin got allergic. It becomes red and itchy. After few days, it leave a brown spot. Actually it can faded naturally but takes time maybe several month then become normal again. But using this cream, the brown spot became dry and it flakes away and produce new skin again. For two weeks I see the brown is faded and yes its success to regenerate skin faster. I love this cream !

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