Senin, 04 November 2013

Review Etude Color My Brows

Hollaaa everyone...

So for me face without eyebrow is something like “sayur tanpa garem”, not complete full... Yeah my brow is not perfect, its thin and the shape is omg what should i call it, going everywhere ?? ahahahah.... thats why eyebrow pencil is my must have item in my bag, the first top on my must do in make up routine or i will feel naked without painted eyebrow. The first and my only love eyebrow product is from Oriflame, its Giordani. Sadly this item is discontinued    -___-

Then i try korean product from etude, its color my brows

the ingredients

how to use
i can't understand the word but try to understand the pics
The Packaging
Plastick with brown color, same color with the color of the product

* First time use it

my virgin eyebrow

ok, i just swipe the product on it
but i think its too bold

the formula is a little bit wet so i try to brush it to control my eyebrow

but the result makes my eyebrow is not natura, its cakey

try to my left eyebrow, this time i swipe very slowly. i think this product give lenght to my
eyebrow's hair. 
too bold eye brows

After several times using it, i can apply it without looking like shinchan's eyebrow, hahhaa...
when you want to apply this product, swipe off the brush to the tissue first, you just need little product.
it gives you natural look. if you have black hair eyebrow, make sure to use brown eyebrow pencil first before using this product, if not your eyebrow will look so funny why cos the hair still black but your skin underneath the hair is brown...

+ easy to use
+ give lenght to my eyebrow hair

- its not waterproof
- the color still too light for my eyebrow, perhap they launched the black color


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  1. Ada yang bilang produknya NYX lumayan sis. Kenapa nggak coba pake pensil alis aja, aku sih biasa pakai Maybelline yang abu2 tapi bukan yg hitam and it's just fine by me :)

    1. kenapa komenmu in iga muncul di notifikasi yaa?? So sorry for the late late late respon (2 tahun baru di bls, fuuhhh). Sampai sekarang aku lebih suka pakai pensil alis aja yg praktis.


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