Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Oriflame Very Me Eye Pencil Double Trouble in Mocha Locha

Haiiii sistaaaa.....

Do you know about Oriflame Brand ? Anyone ?
Oriflame is brand from sweden, its motto is Natural Swedish Cosmetics. They claimed their cosmetics are made by natural ingredients. Oriflame is MLM (Multi level  marketing). So they dont have online or offline store, if we want to buy their product we can buy from their consultant (legal reseller). Oriflame is just a store which has several brands inside it like giordani, veryme and oriflame itself. Whats product sell in oriflame ? it sells skin care, cosmetics, parfume and make up tools. Ooohh im not their consultant so this review is my honest opinion.

No i wanna review Very Me brand which dedicated to teenagers. This is Very me double trouble shade Mocca Locca.

Swatches on my hand
The colour is dark brown and gold shimmery

For the price is about 35.000 IDR ( if i dont wrong remember cos actually my mom bought it). I love the colour but its not a good eyeliner. Its not waterproof & smudge easily. Repurchase ? No

What i like :
1. The gold colour is gorgeous
2. Cheap

What i hate :
1. Its not easy to get this product because we must buy from its consultant
2. Smudge easily
3. Not waterproof
4. The material is easy to broke

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