Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Revlon Big Brush Mascara in Blue

Now im gonna show you my mascara.
Its revlon big brush waterproof mascara in blue colour
I dont know is it the special edition for indonesia or what because if you see the bottom, you can see the indonesia word "Lapis" and yeah some revlon product is made in indonesia too.
So, back to the product
The price is about Rp 40.000 (i little forget, hehhe)
The packaging is bad, i mean the word on the packaging is easy to dissapear, i just used it for 1 month then the word is broken so you can't see clearly the revlon label on it

its a bright blue mascara, the formula is watery not sticky. The big applicator on each fur make your eyelash does not lump.The blue colour can bright your eyes. I really like it. The waterproof is great, even after wudhu (rinse my face with water) the mascara is still good on eyes, long lasting colour. But, its little hard to clean.
when i use cleansing oil, i must rub my eyelash hard several times to make it clean.

What i like :
1. Its blue colour
2. Cheap
3. Waterproof is great

What i hate :
1. Hard to clean
2. The formula is not dry fast

Repurchase : yes

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