Senin, 25 Juni 2012

Soft Pink

Here it is my style to campus.. This morning i woke up late so i missed my bus campus. Then i meet my bestfriend who i always call her as my twins bcause we were born at the same day. Today, we both using pink colour and yeah we never make a deal before it, twins effect hahahah...
Then i also take snapshoot while i was waiting busway... Hope you like it..

Face ; PAC two way cake, ELF blush in candid coral
Eyes : BeautyStyle eyeliner in blue, REVLON big brush mascara in blue
Lips : ELF conditioning lip balm on mellow mellon mix with REVLON lip butter in sweet tart. Really love this colour !!

Morning view, still fresh

@busway shelter in the evening

With my twins
took with instagram, follow my instagram @callmeladyty

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