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La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

Hello girls

Who did ever try Eau de Thermal Water Spray or Thermal Spring Water? This type of water is in the beauty trend for years but I never try it because I think it’s just water so why I must buy water  for more expensive? But I was totally wrong ! After 1 bottle I try, now I can’t live without it especially in the autumn & winter. 

La Roche Posay has patented their thermal spring water. La Roche Posay also brand that dedicated to dermatologist and they really consent about sensitive skin. Almost of their product are save for sensitive skin.

What the product says :
“An essential skincare treatment for all sensitive skin, adult, children and baby. Naturally rich in mineral salts and oligo elements such as selenium. La Roche Posay  Thermal Spring Water has scientifically demonstrated soothing and protective properties. No 1 thermal center in France and Europe. It has treated over 400.000 patients since its creation in 1905 and Thermal Spring Water is the founding pillar of all treatments administered.”

Price : Rp 128.000 or $10 for 150 gr

Packaging :

All of thermal spring water has same packaging. It’s  tin bottle spray. I always buy the 150 gr or middle size but there are also the little one which is 50 gr and the big one which is 300 gr.

I like the logo of the brand. It’s so simple,  the blue rectangle logo with the white background made it’s really eye catching and look luxe.

Formula :

Just like the usual water. But always refreshing when applied it and has cooling sensation. It has neutral pH.

Ingredients : Water La Roche Posay. Somehow it contains  bicarbonate, calcium, silicate, selenium & zinc

How to apply :

Spray to the skin in between 15 cm. Wait 1 – 2 minutes then pat dry the residue. Well I don’t know what if  another brand has the same way to apply like that? Cause it’s a little bit impracticable. But my husband never do that (swipe the residue) and nothing happened.

Result :

I see amazing result just in few days. Before I use it my skin is so dry and dehydrated due the autumn weather but after few days I notice my skin look much better. No more dry or flacky skin specially on my cheek. It leaves my skin little bit glowing and supple too. 

At the beginning I use it almost 5 times a day (afer shalat) but now just use it twice a day at morning and night before sleep. Now I use it as a toner. I know it sounds weird, but I did it and nothing bad happened.

This thermal water has a fast action to sooth & heal the itchiness. My skin is super sensitive, if I get itchiness on my skin and if I scratch it sometimes it leaves mark. Using this water, just spray and the itches gone in one minute. The red area cause of itchiness is also gone.

One day, when I was cooking, my skin touch the hot oil in the fry pan. It leaves a red area, hot and began to blister then I just spray the thermal water and cover it to the wet cotton. The cotton I spray too with this water. It feels so fresh ! After few minutes the area start hot again, I spray it again and cover it with wet cotton again. I did it several times. After maybe 1 hour, I check my skin and voila, amazing ! It heals my skin burn. Nothing left, nor the red area or the mark. This is happened to me twice and the thermal spring water did its job very well.

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